Show Logistics

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Automated Registration and Contracting

BoatShowManager includes a secure payment gateway so your exhibitors can pay you directly through the "Exhibitor's Portal"

This also means that the exhibitor registration and contracting process is fully automated:

  • Previous Years' exhibitors can Login to the "Exhibitor's Portal" with limited access to "Pre-Register"
  • During Pre-Registration, users can:
    • Fill out an application
    • Pay a deposit on a secure payment gateway
  • Or they can:
    • Download and complete an application
    • Scan it and upload it directly back to the system
  • Once an application is received, show management is notified and can approve it
  • After the application is approved, exhibitors have full access to the "Exhibitor's Portal".

Exhibitor Documentation

One of the most time-consuming jobs in show management is the distribution, collection, and organization of important exhibitor documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Insurance Binders
  • Sales Tax Documents
  • Exhibitor-guest ticket orders
  • Stage-in Information
  • Parking Orders
  • Parking orders

BoatShowManager is a central location for all of this information. Exhibitors can login to the "Exhibitor's Portal", download the forms they require and upload the back, directly into the system. All documents are saved with each sales record for easy access.

Status Reports and Information Reminders

At any time you can see exactly which exhibitor owes you which information and the system can sent emails requesting that data. Only the companies that owe important documents will be notified and they will only be reminded for the specific documents they they owe.

Exhibitor Credentials

One of the most time saving features of BoatShowManager is the ability for exhibitors to login to the system and enter their own names for show credentials (badges). No more saving or typing spreadsheets. No more endless hours typing names onto badges. The exhibitors do this themselves and all you have to do is sent the names to the printer!

Website and Show Guide Data

Similarly, exhibitors enter their own data concerning Company Information as well as Boat Brands, Products and Services they will be exhibiting at the show. All of this information automatically flows directly to your show web site as well as documents you can send directly to the printer for your show guide