CRM: Engage With Your Customers

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Business Development Page

The heart of the CRM is the "Business Development Page". From this single page, you have immediate access to:

  • Complete customer contact information
  • Full communication record in reverse-chronological order
  • Next action, assignee and due date
  • Complete records of current sales or forecast information
  • All historical sales or forecast information

This assures that at any time you always know the status of any account and all the tools required for the next actions are immediately available at your fingertips


The BoatShowManager CRM does everything you expect a Customer Relationship Manager to do:

  • Track Communications
  • Set reminders for follow-up
  • Manage customer data
  • Allow your team to see who owns the next action


Because the system is cloud-based and mobile friendly, your sales and management team can work from anywhere, and everyone is immediately connected to the most complete and current information