• Introducing BoatShowManager...

  • "Boat Show Manager is simple easy to use software written by a company that truly knows boat shows and the boating industry."

  • "..our sales team is better equipped at managing the data and details associated with a large volume of accounts..."

  • "...this is the real deal!"

  • "Exhibitors appreciate the easy access to pertinent information regarding contract requirements and event regulations.”

  • "Customer support was quick, professional and easy to understand, as they walk you through the steps on screen!"

  • "...monitor due dates, take payments, and create sales reports that are accurate and timely..."

  • "... a price that works well with our Association budget.”

  • "... an effective platform for managing exhibitor space sales as well as providing a valued communication tool for the exhibitors.”

  • "... direct and automatic export of data to your show web site.”

What is Boat Show Manager?

Boat Show Manager is an easy to use, end-to-end boat show management system. Written by a show manager for show managers, Boat Show Manager ties together the entire show management process, from initial contact, right through to final registration, payments, logistics and web-site integration. Because it is cloud-based, Boat Show Manager allows you sales an management team to collaborate from anywhere or any platform. Boat Show Manager is built on a "responsive" framework so it works as well on a tablet or smart-phone as it does on your desktop PC. more info

BSM For Trade Show Managers

Boat Show Manager streamlines and integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Development task management, Sales Management and Exhibitor Registration, Communication and Show Logistics, all within one easy-to-use application. Imagine automatic notifications to call prospecive customers, seamlessly integrated with sales and show management, all the way through credentials ordering and move-in.
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BSM for Trade Show Exhibitors

With Boat Show Manager, exhibitors can login through the "Exhibitor's Portal" to self-register, make payments and provide critical show logistics information directly to show management. All documentation such as contracts, tax information and insurance documentation can be provided directly through the portal. Most importantly, the unique "Readiness Dashboard" provides the exhibitors with real-time information of exactly what they must do prior to moving into the show.
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